Oh Baby Review: A heart-warming and Emotional ride!


Samantha Akkineni starrer the new movie Oh Baby has now hit the screens. BV Nandini Reddy directed this film, this Telugu film is an adaptation of the South Korean comedy-drama Miss Granny. This film also stars Lakshmi, Rao Ramesh, Naga Shourya, Rajendra Prasad among others.

This Telugu remake Oh baby is South Korean fantasy comedy Miss Granny which follows the unexpected turn of events in the life of Savitri a.k.a Baby who is Lakshmi. He lost her husband in the war at a very young age. Then she had become physically and mentally tough to protect herself and her son.

She is 70 years old and runs a canteen at a college campus. Also, she developed such a sharp tongue over years that not everyone is happy about being around her. Lakshmi is so oblivious to the effect of her constant nagging on all other people that she causes her daughter-in-law who is Pragathi to suffer a heart attack.

A major drawback of this heartwarming film like Oh! Baby is the runtime. This is a tad long for its good, and also it might test your patience in the second half. Mickey J Meyer’s songs are also a letdown, especially when the film’s protagonist aspires to become a singer.

The Cinematographer Richard Prasad’s work is impeccable and the color tones the cinematographer has used are so perfect for the mood of the film. This film Oh! Baby needs to be appreciated for so many reasons. Be it all the woman crew of the drama, the emotions this movie deals with or the way that it teaches us about life, This remake Oh! Baby has its heart in the right place. More importantly, the film is that it makes you look at elders with much more respect than you already do.

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