Bharat Movie Review: An Entertaining But Exhausting Mixture!


The story of the movie Bharat is all about a small boy who is forced to be a responsible human early on, as he grows up with no regret of a non- existent childhood. But in fact, he makes it his life goal to put his family before him also. The film follows the journey of Bharat who is Salman Khan over several decades as he navigates ups and downs of his life.

Bharat is also surreally charismatic movie as he subdues a gun-toting pirate by dancing like a superstar Amitabh Bachchan. In this, he woos the love of his life who is Katrina Kaif by reciting some poetry, and he generally earns better working or living conditions for himself and also his peers by delivering many impassioned speeches about his country India’s greatness.

One of the main pleasures of watching this movie “Bharat” is by seeing Khan coast on his considerable charms as Katrina Kaif who frequently outshines Salman Khan. Also, she previously did in the goofy but winsome 2017 spy thriller movie called “Tiger Zinda Hai’this endure, by sheer is a force of conviction, through many several key moments in India’s nation-building history.

Salman Khan isn’t always strong enough to stick back to several big, sappy emotional moments ie, whenever he has to do something more than just smoke boyishly. But he and his co-stars are also sometimes very attractive enough to make the otherwise ridiculous movie “Bharat” seem believable.

On 15th August 1947, when Bharat first stepped into the newly-formed Hindustan from Mirpur, Pakistan, onboarding a train full of refugees, he then decided to make it his birthday. And Bharat the film and the man are both driven by a powerful story of separation here the director Ali Abbas Zafar makes the full use of the Partition as a subject to bring tears to the audience eyes. Special mention to the guest star Tabu here. In her one scene in this film, she makes sure you break down. Salman Khan, on his part, has to do a lot of weeping to get you to shed a tear for his character.

As Salman family members gather around him, he was waiting for the train that is four hours late, Bharat tells his complete story. We then learn of his promise to his Bauji who is Jackie Shroff in a memorable role. Through all the years since 1947, that is the albatross around Bharat’s neck which is both his burden and also his hope. Ummeed. Hope. The one thing that keeps people alive.

Through the eyes of Bharat, we can also see the journey of Bharat, our beloved country, through some of its best phases and even its worst periods. And the Director Ali Abbas Zafar also manages to capture it all in 2 hours and 47 minutes all the ups and downs that this man and also his country wade across. Coming to the best part of Bharat the film itself is that it has something for everyone out there. This is the quintessential Big Salman Khan Film with all of its trappings including Romance, comedy and also a lot of it, big thanks to Sunil Grover, the drama, action, emotion.

Salman Khan plays to the gallery in every frame from beginning to end of the movie. Salman Khan, off-screen as on it, also makes no bones about what he had promised. Salman makes sure that through his films people go in and feel very happy. With the movie Bharat, Salman Khan gifts all his fans the perfect Eidi. Whenever life gets tough, you always should have some sweets, Bharat’s father told this to him. Salman Khan who himself is the superstar too seems to have very much imbibed that lesson before signing the movie Bharat.

His past two Eid releases were great damp squibs. In the year 2017 his film Tubelight, people couldn’t accept him as a simpleton. And in Race 3, people could not take anything from him. But with Bharat, Salman corrects all his mistakes, and Ali Abbas Zafar is also credited with writing, story and his direction, which does not let Salman down. But also the film tries to pack all fit in so much that you start fidgeting after some point.

The ‘intention to inspire’ is a very much little bit in your face but usually while emotional manipulation happens in every single film, the fact that it is very evident here is that makes it a tad overbearing and also the reverence is blatant it is a little subtlety and a little crisp editing would have done wonders to this.

The movie Bharat is well-intentioned and entertaining and also this doesn’t succumb to the trappings of any commercial potboilers. Also, the fact that it tries a bit too hard to prove that is its primary problem.

Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5

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