Burrakatha Movie Review : A Brain-less thriller!


The debut film of Diamond Ratna Babu’s Burrakatha starring Aadi Saikumar, Mishti Chakraborty and Naira Shah was released recently.

Abhiram played by Aadi Saikumar is a man who is with two brains. He doesn’t suffer from any of the theoretical neuroscience concepts of dual consciousness or the actual split mind, but Abhiram has two literal brains that these somehow magically fit in his regular sized head.

In the complete character of Abhiram, Abhi is actually the mass side of him while Ram is the classy side of the same AbhiRam. With him switching between both these sides whenever he ie triggered by any loud noises. And in the world which is filled with so much noise and despite his sound-proof home, it’s bound to happen way too much.

The first half of this film Burrakatha also sees Abhimanyu Singh as a goonda or goon and wannabe politician Gagan Vihari. Mishti Chakraborty as the one hour Mother Teresa who is named Happy who likes to serve many people for an hour every day and also as Abhi’s begrudging love interest and Posani Krishna Murli as her father Prabhudas, who is a neurosurgeon who always wants nothing less than perfection for his daughter. As Mahesh plays the role of the typecast comedian, who has received eyes of Gagan’s father and it is stuck with him, and also Prudhvi Raj plays as Bongaram Hema, who is Happy’s uncle.

Adi Saikumar has not been so impressive film so far as he has flopped with back to back projects. And in this context, here is a film that came across in the form of “Burrakatha” on which he has pinned a lot of hopes. Amidst a lot of challenges, this film has been released finally in the theatres all over India.

Movie Rating: 1/5

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