Has Ram Rahim’s Honeypreet Escaped?

Baba Ram Rahim who has been jailed recently for the next 20 years for his not so saintly deeds of raping two girls and committing endless crimes is now out of the camera’s focus. Gurmeet’s adopted daughter Honeypreet Insan, is now being chased by the Haryana police. The police today has issued an alert at airports and other exit points for her.

Ram Rahim

Ram Rahim and Honeypreet spotted together. So actually who is Honeypreet? Here are some facts about Honeypreet:

  • Honeypreet isn’t the biological daughter of Baba Ram Rahim. She was born has Priyanka Taneja and today enjoys a crazy stardom with 1 million followers on Twitter.
  • Honeypreet has acted along with Dera chief Ram Rahim in his movie MSG. She claims to have learned editing, direction and acting.
  • Honeypreet Insan has been given a titled Guru Brahmachari.

Since this controversy has evolved Honeypreet has become a topic of discussion. She has been spotted with Baba Rahim every minute and accompanied him wherever he went.

Finally, in between all the speculations about Honeypreet and her relationship with Baba, her alleged escape has created havoc. Honeypreet has been reported to escape to Nepal after Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s sentencing. The Haryana police has sent its team to the Indo-Nepal border.As per a report by NDTV, Honeypreet has been accused of allegedly conspiring. She helped her father escape on the day of his trial. So now let’s see, while Honeypreet is on escape who takes over the Dera camp?

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