Kabir Singh Review : Modern Devdas With Intense Addiction To Love And Drugs


The movie Kabir Singh, which is a remake of the Superhit blockbuster Telugu film Arjun Reddy, is an unapologetic celebration of the toxic masculinity. The ‘hero’ of this movie, if you would like to call him like that, was played here by Shahid Kapoor, who is an obnoxious, entitled bully with a lot of anger issues.

The male lead Shahid Kapoor in this movie a ticking time bomb who can go off anywhere, when he is provoked by just about anything. Hero gets into violent scrapes when he is on the football field, he has scant respect for the authority, whereas zero understanding of consent.

Director by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who also helmed the original film Arjun Reddy, lets his protagonist off too lightly, by treating him as an errant child when what we are actually dealing with are an alcoholic and an abusive jerk. At some point of time in the film, the hero loses the girl, and he also slips into an abyss of drugs addiction, not unlike that of the patron saint of self-destructive romantics Devdas. But to treat Kabir Singh as a romantic who is paying the price for his intense love is very irresponsible, problematic messaging…and the film is built on that particular misguided notion.

Shahid Kapoor also throws himself so much into the role, unafraid to come off as unlikeable. There are a few moments in the film when he commands the screen. But the character of Kabir is unlikeable, his actions are very deplorable, and by the time we are meant to forgive him, it’s little too late.

It is impossible that you will not feel sorry for Kiara Advani’s role as Preeti, but the character offers the actress very much little to work with.

Rating : 3/5

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