Mallesham Movie Review : Priyadarshi Shines In this Inspirational Biopic!


The complete story of this film is based on the life of Mallesham, who is a Padma Sri award winner and the one who invented the Asu machine. Priyadarshi also called Mallesham, he and his parents belong to a rural village located in Telangana. Jhansi, who is Mallesham’s mother, is a handloom weaver who is a very hard worker.

Jhansi, after staying for many long hours on the handloom work, the doctors reveal that if she does any more of any kind of weaving job, there is a chance that her hand can get paralyzed. By looking at this crazy situation, Mallesham then decides to invent a special machine to help his mom.

And the Rest of the story is as to what kind of difficulties does Mallesham face in inventing this machine for his mother and it is all about how he became an overnight famous person in his region.

Every actor in this film was brilliant without any exception, and this is something that was so much fantastic to achieve. The director of this movie did his job so well in bringing out some of the best performances. Along with all new faces, this film also featured some of the experienced actors like Jhansi.

Priyadarshi also led this impeccable cast and he delivered an outstanding and extraordinary performance. Priyadarshi, who is an absolute gem is in the movie. There is this girl named Ananya Nagalla who plays the role of his wife, is a new actor but she performed so wonderfully in the whole movie.

From the fantastic bunch of kids in the movie to the sassy Gangavva who will have you into splits. Every single actor that acted in the movie made their presence felt complete.

Movie Rating: 3/5

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