Trending offices with amazing workplace cuisines

So what do you think do they serve at the world’s most famous and biggest companies?? Cafeteria at work for employees who are made to work almost all day long is very essential. So to ensure that the break is worth it these companies serve the best food in the best ways. Workplace cuisines are an attraction at these best offices.

Workplace cuisines

Here is a list of “What’s on your plate” of the trending workplace cuisines:


Google is given the topmost rank in the list of best cafeterias. Starting from snacks to the desserts Google has it all on the menu, be it any continents. So enjoy your free time with those yogurts and drinks and all. So now these dreamy workplace cuisines are incentives.

  1. APPLE

Caffe Macs is the dining area at Apple where for breakfast the menu is French Toast, juices, pancakes and other desserts (though the menu keeps on changing) whereas for lunch you get all cuisines like Mexican, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese.


A treat for office guests, Facebook serves its food free for them and the employees. A facility of takeout meal is also available at the “Epic Café”. Facebook serves all the American and Asian cuisines.


The cafeteria at twitter is”@birdfeeder” where names to different sections are given as #comfortfood, #tenderloin etc.


The Dropbox cafeteria “Tuck Shop”, located in San Francisco, is spread over 400 meters, where the chefs serve you whatever you wish to.

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